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    NorCalREIA, Sacramento’s oldest real estate investor club consists of a vast range of real estate experience.  Our members consist of agents, brokers, and lenders, including a large group of unlicensed investors whose experience ranges from newbie to years. 2018 provides the educated and dedicated investor opportunities to create wealth one step at a time in a supportive environment.

    Join Aaron Norris on Wednesday July 11th and discover the important “Major Trends for Marketing Dominance in 2018 and Beyond”

    Small businesses are often overwhelmed with running daily operations and riving revenue. It’s often overwhelming and seemingly impossible to stay on top of marketing tech trends. The trust is, there’s one major mistakes small businesses are making that completely change their marketing campaigns (and overall results).

    Join Aaron Norris with The Norris Group as he shares:
    • His two marketing strategies for 2018 to beat Wall Street
    • Why Main Street and local results matter and how to dominate your market be leveraging small
    • A simple 5-Step approach to branding
    • Important technology trends you have to know
    • Web 4.0
    • And more

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