Bruce Norris (twice) in March!

“Stay Put or Cash Out” on Wednesday, March 14

“Cashing In On a Boom” on Saturday, March 17th


Join NorCalREIA and over 200 investors on Wednesday, March 14th, Bruce Norris presents

“Stay Put or Cash Out?”


Bruce Norris shares with NorCalREIA critical insights into the California real estate market in 2018 for California real estate investors. He’ll share reasons why investors should stay put, sell, or 1031 exchange into other opportunities.  This is a follow-up to his 2016 talk Stay Put, Cash Out, or Change Seats.


If you’ve followed Bruce Norris over the years, you know “Timing” is the most important word in real estate investing. California real estate investors have made incredible financial gains over the past six years. But, Bruce says we are nearing the end of a boom cycle in California. If that is the case…



Join Bruce Norris on March 14th at NorCalREIA as he uncovers whether you should:

  • Sell your California real estate?
  • 1031 exchange into other states or investments?
  • Or, just keep what you have and go long(er)?


Uncovering answers to these critical questions often means the difference between retaining your wealth and locking in gains permanently for your family or blowing it and being forced to start from scratch.