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    Here is our AMAZING 2016 schedule. Join NorCalREIA for our monthly EVENTS & EDUCATION that builds a professional foundation for SUCCESSFUL Real Estate investors.

    November 9th: Richard Kelly
    YES you REALLY can create wealth in your life!

    Just ask Richard Kelly.
    It is time set your sights bigger!
    How apartments and mobile home parks can make you rich!
    Richard Kelly is a NorCal REIA favorite. He’s a savvy investor and a proud capitalist, who’s grown his real estate business starting with no money of his own wholesaling single family homes in the Bay Area. His focus is now on apartment buildings and mobile home parks, all within driving distance of his home.
    His mantra is to do real estate right: keep it simple and profitable. Richard will teach why he believes multi-family investing is superior to houses, how to analyze a multi-family investment, what to look for in a multi-unit, and how to super charge your returns.
    Richard’s been a full-time real estate investor for the past 12 years. Before switching into investment, Mr. Kelly worked was a journalist in Australia and Canada. He has a BA in Economics an MBA in Finance, and he's crazy about hockey.

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We provide quality real estate investment education and resources for our members, guests and friends. Our emphasis and commitment to solid real estate investor education enables our members to make Calculated investment decisions for continued wealth acquisition and wealth retention in this rapidly changing market environment.

Since 2004, our associations and relationships with successful investors and educators such as

  • Bruce Norris
  • Richard Kelly
  • Peter Fortunato
  • Jack Miller
  • “Fixer” Jay DeCima
  • Dave Wilson
  • Greg Pinneo
  • Sean O’Toole

and many others have allowed NORCALREIA to provide its membership with the most current and essential real estate investment techniques, strategies, and industry analysis.

The capstone of success is not merely monetary, but relationships fortified by  honesty, integrity, consistency and hard work. In other words, “suit up – show up- be honest.” We invite you to build wealth and success together, as NORCALREIA provides you with real estate knowledge, and solutions for today’s real estate market!!

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